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After the Live reveal/delivery event started, multiple sites posted Model X articles that contain many of the same details revealed during the event, which must have been under embargo until tonight's event. Multiple articles have been stating the base price as being $130k with no other qualifications.

I have posted in the comments that that base price is for the Signature or Founder models only, and that the standard base price will be much lower (probably like $80k). However, I realize that I've been saying that only because I'm making an assumption about it based on the way the Model S was originally priced and released in 2012. So I wanted to ask, am I wrong about this? Obviously, I don't want to be spreading misinformation.
There is absolutely no way the base price is going to be anywhere near $80K. A base Model S 90D is $88K. I'm sure the base Model X 90D will be over $90K.

Musk quoted $5K above the S. What we don't have is a configurator. It's safe to say that it will be at least $10K above the base level MS, because there won't be an RWD X. It would make sense for them to have the same battery options. They are already using the same motors.

The problem was that there was just as much missing as there was presented. So far there haven't been enough articles from third parties who have seen it and test driven it, but from what I've read, the software will be identical and Tesla's plan is to keep it that way and keep updates in sync. An article mentioned how much under the covers is in common with the S, and the things that were specific to the presentation should be the same across the entire X line. There were things left out such as seat configurations that were published elsewhere.

Hopefully Tesla will get the website updated to cover all of this.
To elaborate, Elon said $5K more than a similarly equipped MS. At this point it seems as if leather won't be optional. I'd say that the seats aren't "previous gen" either. If you consider that a MS would need to have a pano roof to be considered similarly equipped, then you'd have to have that at minimum. If you want to push things, you could infer that having the ability to seat seven would mean you'd have to factor in the price of a third row of seats. So at that point, you are up to an entry level price of $87K. We don't know if anything else that's optional on the S will be required on the X. For example, it wouldn't be unreasonable for Tesla to make autopilot standard and start things at around $90K.

All this assumes that there will be other batteries. I would think that Tesla would want to have a base model to make things as attractive as possible, so leaving off autopilot might be the equivalent of leaving off the tech package for pre-autopilot cars. It wasn't something that many customers did, but it made the entry level price look better on paper. So I'd say that it would be unlikely to see anything under $84 using the best assumptions about what constitutes a similarly equipped car to one with the minimum available on the X.
I dont think so. It's only going to be offered in 90D and P90D. Thats going to put the base price of the 90D around $93k-$100k.
Agree. A X70D wont work (my guess) and would open up possibilities for bad press. Imagine people towing stuff and then running out of range. Its good that Tesla will be selling high priced versions with healthy margins (guess based on S margins). Its good for the company.
From the man:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 15.39.43 .png

I was told the number 80 a couple of times last night.

I was at the reveal event, and I'm surprised someone else who was there hasn't already posted what I'm about to say. There were people around in black "model X" shirts. And I tried asking some of them for inside information and it was apparent they didn't know anything. But then, waiting in line for the test drive, a guy in a shirt heard us talking and started talking to us. Oh, I should say that we heard while getting in line from another guest that the drivers (it's not actually a test drive but more a test ride) are tesla engineers and you need to just start asking as many questions as you can while in there. So anyway, I think this guy in line was an engineer cuz it was immediately apparent he knew more than other workers I had asked and was kinda willing to answer stuff. So I started laying into him with questions and pretty soon I was like Ugh, Elon only mentioned a 90 and a P90! So that puts the base price higher than 80! And I swear the guy was like no...it's 80. He said Elon was announcing the options that are currently available to sig reservations. And I was like oohh ok so there WILL be a 70d then. To which he said...yeeah...well...or something maybe bigger. Indicating that maybe it will be a 75d but the message felt pretty clear that the base price is 80.

then, while on the test drive I also got the driver to say 80. I also pressed about the pano roof and was like, well what about that? Is that a freebie? Meaning, if that's standard on every X, do you equate that to the pano roof on the S and hence will the base be 81.5? I never managed to get him to say yes the pano glass is standard (his answer was something like "does it really matter" lol. But the number 80 was reiterated.

i think it was pretty clear what I was asking. I can't remember everything I said last night but for sure I tried to come at this as many ways I could in the short times I had. And I heard 80. I don't know if this is enough to put any of you reading at ease :) but for me, if the base price of whatever they come out with, be it a 70d or 75d isn't $80k then I'll be surprised.
I think theres just so many remaining questions. ugh. plus it seems they are still iterating on the seats, etc etc. I'm going to hold out a few years before I get an X. Hopefully by then they will have Model X v3.0 seats that are what was supposed to be 'fantastic' along with other still needed improvements before I pull the trigger.