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Basically everyone Should Get Solar Panels In California Right? Via Financing?

As the Federal funds 30 year rate is currently 3.138%, no rational and above board investor is going to loan money out at 0.99%. I'm not saying that you can't find a quoted teaser rate at that value, but I seriously doubt there is an all in APY of 0.99%. So, yes, I don't believe it, for a variety of reasons.

However, 3-5% is less than the current inflation, and a leveraged purchase may make sense for some folks, but that is an entirely different discussion.

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hi my name is Jason 👋🏼 ... now you know me 🤓
My record for continuous off grid (pre PTO) was i believe 45 days or so ...
the caveats are I cannot just charge my model 3 anytime I want (when solar producing only ) and in summer on 100+ days house may get up to 78 F when i cannot run AC anymore at night ... also i would still need ng for heat / dryer ..
this is w/ 2 pw and modest solar (24 panels)
not a shack either modern single story 2800 sq ft home
if all those caveats are allowed then i could go off grid .. but of course much better for me on grid when i can charge when i want and run ac all i want and still net zero at true up

I think h2oguy means someone who grid defects and actually terminates PG&E service to their home. So they give up NEM but also give up having to deal with PG&E entirely.