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Bass is back

With recent updates that limited the bass to 8 from 12, I felt that the bass was lacking somewhat. I got .16 yesterday and was playing around with EQ settings and noticed a considerable increase in bass at the same settings as before.

Seems like they fixed it and the key is to readjust the settings to get that lost bass back.
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After updating directly from 2018.12 to 2018.16 (and a manual MCU reboot via the steering wheel controls) I immediately heard a volume increase. I had music playing before the reboot, and after the 15 seconds or so when the music came back it was a step change in volume.

I have not moved any of my EQ sliders and while I feel bass is stronger than on 2018.12, it doesn't match my memory of the excellent sound I had on 2018.10.4, so I'm hoping that moving the sliders will bring back the great sound I remembered. Currently the bass is stronger, but sub bass impact isn't quite there, mid bass is a bit boomy and highs are a little sharp without being a crystal clear as I remember. For reference, I'm in a 2018 MCU1 model S with UHFS. My preferred EQ settings are: 6.5, 3, 0, 1, 2 with balance and fader at default central position and Dolby off.
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I certainly hope the sound will come back as I had it previously as I am not a big fan of a company taking away an item that I paid extra for. The difference in Volume and especially Bass is quite noticeable, especially when playing music at a lower volume level but need the Bass to come through. I am on 2018.14 and I am hoping they bring back the full range of EQ settings soon. I will monitor this thread and hopefully by the time I get .16 this will have changed for the better. I wonder if too many people misused the equalizer and blew their speakers.
I am on .12 and didn’t see this thread until now... but can confirm that the bass came noticeably back for me this morning after doing a hard reset of the MCU at a stoplight (which means brake was depressed) due to the 3G/LTE outage. All of a sudden the sub started hitting again. I had to move the slider down. So for me, the reset appeared to be the fix vs the slider movement.
I've actually noticed a bug for a while now that preceded 2018.12 where sometimes you get in the car and it's as is if the amp is not powered where the sound quality is atrocious with no bass etc.
I thought it was a result of my LH amp not firing up with the car until I had a loaner that did the same thing.
I accidentally realized a few weeks ago that if you move any of the EQ sliders the quality returns.

I wonder if everyone that has been complaining about horrible quality is actually just experiencing that bug??

To be honest, Im a hard core audiophile and I have not noticed a decrease in quality since the EQ went to 8, but to be fair the highest I put the sliders is at 8.

TL;DR Move your EQ sliders and see if your poor sound quality returns no matter what firmware you are on.
I always set the equalizer to 0 to do audio quality comparisons. Cause that's the only way to compare the quality of the sound source unmodified.
Going from there, I used to use similar settings as C_Beau, but if the "zeroed" quality isn't where it is to be no amount of equalization will bring back the detail.
Argggghhhh! That was short-lived. Bass was back for less than 24hrs. I got .16 last night and the bass is goneja! :(
Moved the sliders, did a full reset, etc. Nope, no bass, even setting it all the way up to 8.0. Boo...
Got .16 up from .12 today, no change. Bass still sucks.

Consistent with what service told me—.16 does not resolve audio issue.

2013 S, UHF, moved sliders and reset mcu just in case. Currently set at 8, -2,-2,-2,-2. Before I had 12, 2,2,2,2. Listening to slacker on pop remix and hip hops hits. Just in case, logged into slacker with tesla provided account and selected high bitrate.