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Battery charging for Model S

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I am going away for a trip for three weeks out of country. Should i keep my Model S plugged in while i am gone for this long? I have a printed tag which Tesla showroom had given me over a year back which says that i should have my Tesla plugged in all time when not in use and at home. I don't feel comfortable keeping it plugged in for three weeks.

Any tips are welcome and appreciated.
I was in Florida for three months and left my Model S plugged in back at home in NY.
I used the app to manually charge the car an hour or two every couple weeks when a few percent drained off. I also set the charge level to about 50% and the charging amps to 16.
Worked like a charm :)
It’s the same mental fear of leaving your space heater plugged in for three weeks while you’re away. :p First time fear...
Same thing with people worried about vampire drain at the airport. Worried so much that they check on the car every 2hrs with the app and not let it sleep/hibernate while they’re away.
For three years with my first Tesla (P85D) I would come home plug it in. Anytime the car is in the garage its plugged in. We have gone on numerous trips of two to three weeks and always left the car plugged in charging at the normal rate of 90%. By the time I traded the car in for a 100D it had three years and 42,000 miles without any apparent battery degradation. You really don't need to baby the car.