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Battery Cooling - t min / t max in Service Menu

My battery was serviced and got new contactors. After driving home from the SC I plugged the car in for charging and cooling down the battery. In the Service Menu I noticed, there was a difference of 5 to 10 degrees between t min and t max of the bricks.
This difference was around 1 degree before the maintenance.

So I brought the Roadster to the SC back again, the Coolant pump was changed because it was damaged.

Today I got the car back from the SC, but this "huge" difference between t min / t max still remains when plugging in the car.
When the AC turns on during charging, the t min comes down as before the battery service, but t max isn't really affected, t max comes down very slowly.
It seems several bricks aren't cooled sufficient because t average lies approximately between t min and t max (I suppose t average is the average temperature considering all brick temperatures).

The coolant oil is circulating, a little bit slow when taking a look into the "Coolant Expansing Tank".

Maybe the problem is in the motor driver circuit of the coolant pump, so it hasn't enough power to drive the whole cooling system?

Anyone had this issues in the past?
What are your t min / t max differences when charging and cooling down the battery?

I took a screenshot a few hours ago after starting the charge.


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    2018-05-11 15.40.26.png
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I have seen a 4'C difference, but not 10'C. I would check all the battery cooling hoses to make sure they are hooked up properly and not kinked. There are 4 per brick (44 total) and it is easy to get them mixed up. Normally if you just got the contractors replaced they shouldn't have been disconnected when the ESS was out, but it depends on who worked on the car.
Yes, thanks guys, I will contact the SC again.

As I mentioned, I know that before the battery maintenance this difference was not more than 1C regardless if the AC kicks in or the coolant pump was running for its own.

What is also interesting, though Tave=36C and Tmax=40C, the coolant pump switched off after some minutes when I stopped charging.
Normally this pump runs until the temperature goes below 30C, strange.