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Battery drain 10-20 miles every 24 hours


Currently running 2019.32.11.1 on my Model S 75. I have sentry mode turned off, pre-conditioning turned off, overheat protection turned off, energy mode on and always connected 'Off'.

Dropped off my tesla at the airport last week and noticed I was losing anywhere from 10 to 20 miles every 24 hours. I don't remember the drain happening that fast.

Is anyone else seeing that on the newer (V10) releases?
Can this stupid standby feature be disabled?
It can.

We have the same problem in our s. Friday night had 170 when we parked in garage. Have just driven the 3 all weekend, and it's now down to 133

I have experienced what I thought was excessive vampire drain of between 10-15 miles per night. I got so OCD about it, I started maintaining a spreadsheet backed up with images of the dash screen showing what Tesla was reporting at various times. Then I found that TeslaFi was reporting on vampire drain as well -- so all of my spreadsheet work was not needed anymore. I tend to have faith in the TeslaFi reporting as it supposedly is pinging the car for various bits of data. I could be wrong.

But your rated mileage from 170 down to 133 is a significant loss, even if it is over two or three nights. Do you experience similar vampire drains every single night and are you sure that all unnecessary services requiring battery power are turned off while in the garage?

I reported this to the service center and they indicated a tech looked at my particular logs and did not find anything unusual. Go figure.