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Battery lost 8% overnight sitting in the cold

My model Y battery has never lost charge sitting for hours or even days.
Then on a recent trip I charged at a supercharger to 85%, drove 1 mile, and it sat in the cold overnight. Around 30 degrees F.
Next morning, it's 76%. Hmm....
Next night, same thing. Lost about 8% sitting overnight.
Climate was not on.
Anybody have similar experience in cold? Or is something going wrong with my battery?
Will see if it happens again in warmer temps....
This is absolutely normal. Cold weather affects battery performance. If you moved the car into a warmer enclosure then you would see the percent climb back up. Cold weather affects the chemistry and reduces range and this is what you're observing. Even in my garage I've seen battery percent increase from the cold morning to warmer afternoon without any charging. It is like your own muscles, they don't work as well in near freezing temps until the body warms up.