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Battery usage more than actual miles after update 2019.32.11

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Are you using Netflix, Spotify, etc.? Maybe those are using up more?

On a serious note, different software versions have caused varied mileage for me in the past. I put my display on percentage and it was the best thing I've ever done. Don't worry about the miles necessarily and once in a while do the 10/90 thing to recalibrate it. As long as the car shows 100% when you charge it to 100, I've heard you are good. If not, then you are losing capacity.
That's not at all unusual. It means you are running at 80% efficiency. Most M 3 users see efficiency between 80% and 110%. The average looks like about 92%. The fix is to use techniques that minimize battery usage. Resist the temptation to stomp it at every opportunity. Use seat heaters rather than cabin heat. Don't drive on wet roads. Check tire inflation.
Short drives = more energy intensive as the system needs to warm the battery up to optimum operating temperatures.

Also, if you're using the resistive heater over the seat heaters, they're less efficient. Cabin heating = #1 range killer in any EV.
Lots of threads concerning battery/range issues - try a search.
A lot of factors come into play here: A/C or heat use, acceleration, speeds driven, accessories. Follow the charging directions in the owners manual and enjoy the miles.
Before the version update, it was giving 1 mile to 1 mile ratio. And my driving habit or route has not changed, that's why I posed the question.
No it won't actually. There was some Tesla employee that came out and said there is only battery degradation of it doesn't charge to 100% anymore. I have no knowledge of it but am going off what he or she claimed
I am highly skeptical of this claim by the employee. I have a few % degradation after 22k miles and it still chargers to 100%.
Won’t it always show 100% if charged to full capacity regardless of battery degradation?
It will show 100% when the battery voltage is some number (around 4.2 Volts per cell) that Tesla has designated as "full" even though the battery can be charged beyond that point (to its detriment) and it will show 0 % at some other voltage designated by Tesla as "Empty" even though the battery can be discharged further (also to its detriment). So "capacity" means the amount of energy the battery will deliver in being discharge from Vfull to Vempty. That changes as the battery ages.
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I'm not positive anymore what the range remaining means but it can x-checked with a long test drive if the Wh/mile and SoC meters are reasonably accurate:

Test-drive (in miles) divided by SoC drop will be range per one percent
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not to be short but this is very doubtful. In fact if you are driving on the freeway it's almost impossible to achieve but that's just a factor of air resistance at speed.
Before the version update, it was giving 1 mile to 1 mile ratio. And my driving habit or route has not changed, that's why I posed the question.

I agree, i have not seen 1:1 ratio unless i am driving 45-50 no incline, no ac, no hvac, nice temps, no lights, etc. This is like with regular gas cars, it is estimated.