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Battery won’t charge and now it’s totally dead

Yesterday, I charged my M3 to 100% and drove to SF to pick up a set of Aero wheels/tires. It was totally a steal at $900. And it was so fun to try out the new AP control scroll wheel and loving it. Anyways, since my wife (MS) was out of town, I decided to park my M3 in my wife’s garage and used her gen 1 UMC to charge my M3. This morning, car wasn’t charged at all. Instead I got three different warnings that car is not charging, may not be drivable and need service. I coudln’t even get the charger out. It was locked in. I had to pull it out manually using a release cable. Tried my gen 2 UMC and still no connection. I rebooted three times but no luck. Still charging errors. It seems like I would still be able to drive to SC on Monday. I was able to engage gear to reverse and drive without any issues. Plus I had 79 miles range left. While I was googling to find a solution to my problem, car started showing more errors. ABS errors, brake regen errors, and eventually, it just died. Black screen. Oh $hit. I saw driving light flickering and power door sounded weak and eventually had to use manual door opener to get out.

While calling a road side assistance, I tried to open the frunk with 9V battery. It didn’t work. I tried second brand new 9V battery and still no luck. hmmmmm... This is not good at all. How are they going to tow my car if they cannot open the frunk? Tow truck should be here in about an hour so we will see....
Tow truck is here and able to open the front trunk with his 12v jumper cable. But car doors won’t open. It’s has been over 20 mins charging 12v battery and still nothing. I am able to activate door open button from my app but still won’t open. Only the front trunk. Tow driver called Tesla and they told him to wait about 30-45min for battery charging!!!
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After 45 min of charging, we gave up. Couldn’t get the system to back on. Couldn’t even open the door.

Very important lesson learned
DO NOT CLOSED DOORS when battery is dying. It will not open again until it has power. Keep it open if you want to get back in. At a minimum, leave a window open so that you can manually open. Especially if you have a kid or pet inside.

Tow truck driver used skates to pull the car on to the tow truck and took it to Roseville SC. Not terribly happy about 2000 mile car to be towed.


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Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?
You bought Aero wheels? On purpose? And how does a 9 volt battery connect to power anything?
Yes, brand new tires are over $1000 and these only had 800 miles. I drive a lot so by the year end, I would need new tires. I am sure I can sell my used rims later when there are more M3 owners out there who are looking for spare rims/tires.

Here is the video on how to open frunk with 9V battery. Video: Standard 9V Battery vs Model 3 Frunk
Kinda surprised they gave you a car from 2012 as a loaner. Unless they were out of loaners and they pulled this from their CPO pool for you?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I was in a couple of months ago and they asked if I minded waiting while they cleaned the loaner for me. I told them not to worry about it, but they said no, it's a brand new car and we have to pull all the plastic off the seats etc. So yeah, a brand new Model X. Took half the day for the autopilot to calibrate itself but otherwise, great.
According to SC, they have to order a new High voltage controller. They didn't say what happened or what caused it. I will be out of my car until end of this week.
They gave me a clunky old MS signature edition. This thing is so antique. Not even AP. ugggg... I need my AP.
I'll happily provide the "privilege" of driving my beater gen ii Prius in exchange for driving that clunky old MS! ;)
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Well... the part is here and they plan to install it tomorrow. I kept asking (texting) them why it failed and they are not answering. Brand new parts shouldn't be failing this early.

Bathtub curve. Part failures generally happen either very early on or not until the end of service life. There was probably some sort of small manufacturing defect in your part, which caused it to fail under load early on.