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Be aware that Tesla SC don't supply any cables with loaners

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Something in my recent experience to watch out for is that Tesla no longer supply any cables at all with the loan cars, and typically the cars only have 50% charge.
What's more they dont tell you this - you have to find out for yourself.

(apparently the cables get nicked all the time - which is pathetic in itself that ppl do this and therefore a reaction from Tesla is understandable - but why not count them out and count them back or you get charged, not so difficult surely. Also I dont know if this is policy across all Tesla SC's)

I just charge on a commando socket at the office with the UMC if I ever need to top up.
Went to do just that with the loaner as it was only a part charged 75KWH MX and wtf - no cables!

I had to take a 40mile round trip detour to a supercharger to be able to be able to get home.

Lesson, keep your own cables with you when you take your car to a SC if you think there is any risk of needing them.
The loaner Model X I had from Bristol had no cable, which I was told when it was passed to me. Also because it “keeps being stolen”. Good to know Tesla owners can be just as shitty human beings as everyone else.

I don’t think the policy is unreasonable really, but definitely something you need to be aware of.

Slightly related but when my Model 3 was delivered it didn’t have a Type-2 cable. After chasing it both Tesla Heathrow and Tesla Bristol sent me one. I informed the latter who stopped the second delivery. That’s because I’m not a thieving c**t.
Interesting that some get cables, some don't.
So no Tesla policy being played out here, just a lottery if you get a cable or not.

Not sure which is worse really, but sure you want to check your loaner if there is any chance you might need one.