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Vendor Becoming a TMC Approved Vendor + Nicely Adjusted Inventory Teslas

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I am very excited to announce that we recently became an official Vendor/Sponsor with TMC. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our growth and existence over the past year. We've been enjoying the ride so far! It's truly been great connecting with and learning from so many members in this community, and we are honored to be a part of it. Last month, we went to the Semi reveal and had a blast connecting with fellow TMC members at the event and after-party. Thanks again to TMC and its contributors / moderators / staff for building such an awesome community of Tesla fans! When you get a chance, check out our vendor listing and let me know if there's other ways we can better serve. We are here to help!

Kilocar – Electric car rentals and leases

We make driving electric easy and affordable for our customers. Given how cool and innovative Tesla is, < 1% of the market is way too low in our opinion. We want to drive the adoption of electric cars and benefit our customers’ lives and planet Earth at the same time. We love to help our customers save money and get into their dream car.

How can Kilocar help you specifically?
– Find your ideal Tesla with the best adjustment (let us know your spec.)
– Get a monthly subscription to your ideal Tesla and save money & time
– Rent one of our Teslas as an extended test drive
– Pay you new customer referral fees
– Share any Tesla tips or tricks

PS. We are working on a tool search our Tesla inventory where you can tap into savings on nicely adjusted Teslas. Our goal is to make it easy for you to sign up for a A^3 Tesla subscription (Amazing Tesla, Amazing Price and Amazing Payment). It's pretty rough right now, but you can check out our current inventory here: Tesla Inventory List - Find your next car
I see your background picture is a new Roadster. I will be in the area next week to pick mine up for a weeks rental. Thanks :)

You got it my friend! You just have to wait a couple of years, but we'll be taking reservations right away. Here's a serious question: How much would you pay to rent a Founder's Series Nex-gen Roadster for a day when it first comes out?

PS. I edited out my referral code out of respect for everyone here at TMC. I've never shared my referral code online or here on TMC because I know it's somewhat controversial.

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