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Vendor Behind the build with a modified Tesla Model X - T Sportline Tifany X


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We wanted to share one of current builds with the TMC community. We're in the process of accessorizing one of our customer's brand new P90D Ludicrous that was originally Pearl White with Ultra White Interior 6 seat option.

She wanted something unique and obviously had an affinity toward the Tiffany color. Vinyl printing technology has come a long way. Certain machines can color match paint and color samples within 80% accuracy. We provided our customer 5 sample printed colors on vinyl wrap and here are pics below of the final choice that we coined Tifany X. The customer also obtained the matching CA license plate, Tifany X.

We are in the process of contrasting the matte Tifany X color with gloss black vinyl wrapped trim all around the vehicle. The rear factory hatch chrome trim will be painted.

Matching Gloss Black 22" MX5 forged wheels are already on the vehicle with Pirelli Scorpion tires in factory size: 265/35-22 front, 285/35-22 rear.

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My color vision is less than perfect. What color is "Tiffany"? I really can't tell.

I didn't know either, so I looked it up

Tiffany Blue is the colloquial name for the light medium robin egg blue color associated with Tiffany & Co., the New York City jewelry company. The color was used on the cover of Tiffany's Blue Book, first published in 1845.
Hex triplet‎: ‎#81D8D0
SRGBB (r, g, b)‎: ‎(129, 216, 208)
HSV (h, s, v)‎: ‎(174°, 40%, 85%)


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Lots of Tifany,
accents of Gloss Black
and a touch of Ultra White.

Agreed that the color choice is not my thing but impressed at the level of customization! I like white or silver. Nice work! Any changes in the interior?


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I really like it. Now I'm going to go on about a few ideas of my own.

I personally think I would like the intermediary white that you can see from the outside when the doors open to be body colored (I did a rough bucket fill in Gimp to give a concept of what I'm trying to say and attached those below (sorry about my poor graphical arts skills)): so, from outside whenever car is closed or open, you see no interior color except the dash and seats, and when inside and the doors are closed, you only see the interior colors. To me it's OK if the inside people see the exterior color as soon as they open the doors: that way, they know the doors are open, and it's a nice reminder and introduction to the outside and whatever color coordination they have to be ready for as soon as they step out.

Also, my personal preference is to extend the exterior color down as far as practical (which you did on the sides), including the diaper area (which you left black except for accented aerodynamic wings).

I'd also be tempted to look for a different color wheel since I am not pro-gold especially when you can see the white interior (they clash), but that's me -- in your pic with the doors closed, those gold wheels look really nice. I'd be tempted to see the Tiffany + regular Silver/Chrome wheels for comparison (not trying to go against your rim business; I'd still think I'd be interested in low sprung weight (LSW) silver/chrome offerings if I had that kind of $ :p since LSW supposedly helps with mileage, handling, suspension AND wheel damage in pothole country which nicely offset their added cost (correct me if I'm wrong, but those gold forged aren't the LSW lines)).

But I really love it overall, as is. (I'm one of the few people in favor of those who get cheerier colors -- it might be a bit, shall I say, unorthodox and non-conservative, but it livens the world up. I think as long as it is extra cost to do this, people won't go too wild and create a huge mishmash of colors everywhere.)
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II'd still think I'd be interested in low sprung weight (LSW) silver/chrome offerings if I had that kind of $ :p since LSW supposedly helps with mileage, handling, suspension AND wheel damage in pothole country which nicely offset their added cost (correct me if I'm wrong, but those gold forged aren't the LSW lines)
Oops. Went past 60 minutes editing the post and I can't edit it any more. I am correcting myself:

First, I meant Unsprung Weight (so that would be "Lower Unsprung Weight (LUW)"), not "lower sprung weight (LSW)". OOPS. (The "unsprung" part is that the wheel is below the spring, thus getting all the road firsthand, without benefit of damping from the springs.)

Second, I might have been wrong. Your 21" gold forged rims are 20% lighter than factory. I can't really figure out the weight differential for your 22" Model X wheels as pictured.

On another topic, I'm still interested in what rich people's experience with those carbon fiber ~50% lighter rims (offered by other manufacturers that seem racing-oriented) experience in terms of savings on mileage and wear and tear on suspension, rims and tires, as an offset to their higher cost (I saw some at $20K per set), since from my understanding, lower unsprung weight allows faster response to potholes and therefore less suspension, tire and rim damage as well as a smoother ride, which if the 19" Model S / 20" Model X rims, would really reduce wear and tear, and on the 21" Model S / 22" Model X would at least offset their added cost some. Reference thread: Carbon Fiber Rims. I think these benefits would also be conferred for rims that are only 20% lighter? Seems logical anyway. I wish this stuff was taught in high school. I hate being a noob about it when it comes to dealing with all those darn wheel things on our cars.
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