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Bent a 2021 Model S 21" Arachnid Rim

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Took my Model S in for service due to a vibration in yoke steering at higher speeds. Thought it was an alignment issue but ended up being a bent front passenger rim. Damn potholes and 21" rims do not mix well. And this just a few weeks after replacing front driver's side tire for a sidewall bubble, likely caused by a different pothole.

I am replacing the rim with a new one outright. Question is, would it be worth trying to repair it and keeping as a potential 'spare' wheel, or possibly selling on used market? I have not seen it yet so do not know the extent of damage... but will upload a picture later. Anyone know of places that would purchase a used/repaired rim?
Id get it fixed and use it vs the spend on a replacement.
More likely than not, its the inner portion of the barrel (opposite the outer side, which has spokes for strength) that is bent. Some tire shops use a rubber mallet to hit it/straighten it enough to eliminate any sort of vibration.