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Vendor Best 10 Ways to preserve your Tesla Model Y

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Oct 26, 2022
I believe every Tesla owner has experienced the Tesla interior, which is incredibly simple and finished with a flocking material. However, this flocking fabric can get dirty or messy quickly, shed or flake off as time passes, and even become damaged - just to name a few of the issues this material can cause.

Taking care of this material can save you money, lengthen its lifespan, improve its performance, and help reduce depreciation in value over time. Unfortunately, it is difficult to clean and sheds easily while being cleaned. Consequently, some Tesla owners wish to take action to help protect it and keep it looking as new as possible.

We pushed out some aftermarket protection accessories to protect the interiors and make them easy to clean after installation. These can help with the everyday situations that may cause headaches for Tesla owners, such as carrying cargo in the trunk, having kids frequently step on the door sill, or taking pets on trips.

Here are some of the most popular items at our store for the Tesla Model Y, 20% off now!
#1 Seat Slide Rail Covers for Tesla Model Y
This custom-designed TPE (thermoplastic) accessory is made specifically for the Tesla Model Y. It is odorless, eco-friendly, and provides premium protection from dust, scratches, and mud while keeping the interior clean. It fits perfectly around the seats to protect the OEM flocking areas.

#2 Back Door Sill Covers For Tesla Model Y & 3
These premium ABS plastic back door sill covers are custom-designed for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. They are odorless and eco-friendly, protecting the OEM flocking areas from dust, scratches, and mud while keeping the interior clean. Their perfect match to the areas around the back door sill provides an improved look over the OEM flocking finish.

#3 Center Console Side Cover Protector for Tesla Model Y&3
This custom-designed TPE (thermoplastic) protector is odorless and eco-friendly. It prevents dust, scratches, and mud from damaging the OEM flocking area of the Tesla Model Y and 3, all while perfectly matching the car's interior.

#4 Dead Pedal Side Covers for Tesla Model Y
This premium TPE material mat is designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y's flocked area on the dead pedal side and footwell area. It's water-proof, non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly, easy to install with Velcro designs that won't fall off.

#5 Protection Liner for Tesla Model Y&3 Second Row Seat Base
This protection liner is custom-designed for the Tesla Model Y&3 second-row seat base. Made of premium TPE material, it is water-proof, non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly. Its wrap won't slip off and is easy to clean. It provides great protection against dirt, spills, pet hair, and mud.

#6 Trunk Side Protection Cover for Tesla Model Y (5 Seater)
This custom-designed TPE (thermoplastic) floor mat is made for the Tesla Model Y. It's odorless and eco-friendly, protecting the OEM flocking from dust, scratches and mud, while keeping the trunk interior clean and matching it perfectly.

#7 Second Seat Cover Back Liners for Tesla Model Y (5 or 7 Seater)
This item is designed to perfectly fit the seatback and is coated with a flocking surface to protect against spills, stains, mud, snow and dust. It is also skid-resistant and easy to clean.

#8 Side Door Storage Tray for Tesla Model Y
The advanced TPE material of the side door storage tray is odorless/non-toxic and custom-designed for the Tesla Model Y. It provides a suitable umbrella place in rainy weather; its anti-slip texture keeps items from sliding, making cleaning fast and easy. (This tray requires removal After Oct. 2022 Model Y, which is equipped with a divider mat.)

#9 Trunk Sill Plate Cover for Tesla Model Y
Custom-designed TPE/ABS trunk sill plate covers for the Tesla Model Y protect areas from dust, scratches, and mud, while keeping the interior clean and matching surrounding areas. Odorless and eco-friendly.

#10 Rear Trunk Mat For Tesla Model Y
It offers maximum protection for the front trunk, with a vertical wall design and channel pattern that are easy to clean off spills, mud, snow, stains, etc.

Hope these accessories are practical and helpful for your Tesla. :D 20% off now!
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Floor mats, third-row seat back protection covers, and rear trunk side storages for the Model Y 7-Seater, 20% off now!
Thank you for the list. Do you also sell roof sunshades? I would like to get one for my Model Y. Then I also want to buy a back door sill cover, how should I use the 25% discount on Independence Day in your store?
Yes, you can apply the code: Yes25 for all products, We are currently on an Independence Day promotion with 25% off all products. here is the sunshades link

The back door sill cover only fits the Model Y 5-seater, make sure it fits your y before placing the order.:D
Upgrades to your Tesla with the front door sill cover + back door sill cover will protect the flocked finish and make it easy to clean.