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Best Non-Tesla for Road Trips?

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I'm pretty happy with my 2019 M3 for road trips. A 600 mile drive, I've done many times, takes me about 25 minutes longer in the Tesla than it did in my Acura. Biology dictated 2 stops in the Acura. Technology dictates 4 for the Tesla. When a planned Supercharger gets operational, I'll get it down to 3 stops and a 15 minute gap.

Are any other cars even close to this capability? I keep hearing that Electrify America has 350kW capability. But I have never seen a car review where they get anything like that. I think the Taycan is close. How about normal price cars like Kona, Niro, Mustang...?
The current Cannonball EV record is with a Tycan, so that's likely the best current vehicle for long road trips by speed. Still have to have many stops (range isn't higher, but ... ) but charging is faster if you can find 350kW chargers. And they keep enough top-end reserve that you can charge to a higher SoC before throttling down too much.