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Best route to take from Holland, MI to Tesla in Indianapolis.

What is the best route to take from Holland, MI to Tesla in Indianapolis?

I live in Holland, MI. I have an appt to drive a Tesla (P85) in the Indianapolis Area (Tesla in Keystone Crossing Mall). I don't like driving thru Chicago so I found a Tesla Center in Indiana.

There are 2 basic routes:

1: take US31 in Holland all the way to Indianapolis. 3 hours 44 min
2: Take US31 to I94 to I65 to Indianapolis. 4 hours 6 min

It looks like the US31 route all the way would be quite tedious a drive since it seems like it varies in speed and has crossroads. Other route is basically interstate all the way.
The time differences is about 20 minutes (shorter using US31)

Has anyone used one of these routes going South thru Indiana?

I'm leaning toward taking the Interstate even though it would add another 20 minutes or so.

Thanks for any input.
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I ended up taking US31. Worked out fine especially coming home just after 3:30 Not much traffic going up US31.
Driving the the P85 was certaintly a blast. I had driven a S85 last year and it was quite nice also but this is quite different especially from 0 to 30 to 40. More than I had thought. I can see why people are so excited about it.. Now I just have to make my final decision, air suspension or coil. It is a hard decision. I hope I make the correct one.