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Best time to press the TeslaCam/Dashcam icon

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What is the best practice or time to press the dashcam icon to save the event?
i have a had a few instances where something happened and i pressed the icon and it recorded everything till that moment i press and little before but nothing after....

Do you guys normally wait after the event and then press the dashcam save icon?

Recently this lady cut me across 3 lanes and almost hit me.... I tried to save the footage and it cut me off right after she came across in my lane. no footage was saved after that. also some footage got distorted..
im not sure if it happened because i honked and my settings for saving footage for honk was on?

I'd experiment.

My impression is that it will save all existing files from the last 10 minutes, or used to at least. That could mean that it hasn't yet written the file for the last minute or less. So you push the button (or horn) and get the existing files but not the one you really want. I've been thinking I'd wait a minute or two and then press the button to ensure I capture the event I want. But I haven't bothered to try that out.
I have save on honk, and that only records the 10 minutes up to the honk. In an accident or to get more footage, honk or save within the 10 minutes following the event. Do it twice within 10 minutes for something serious.