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Best tires for wear and safety? Model S 90D 2016

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I have spun through the threads on tires and have concluded the best option are these (Pirelli's).

Just curious if I am missing anything out there before dropping a g-note on tires.

This is also a double check that these would be the right size:


I do live in the Chicago area and would be driving the car in the winter. Although pure snow driving is rare and I would just have to deal with it for the half a dozen times a winter there is any significant snow to drive in. I do have AWD and am hoping that will help. To me I am looking for these tires to last and have them be safe. Performance is of less of a concern for me.


Personally, I wanted an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire as I plan to run the same tire year 'round here in the front range of Colorado. After lots of digging and review reading I went with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ which on the same tirerack site you linked to finishes at the top of the tests/reviews: TireRack results

I've got a P85D so maybe you don't "need" the same level of performance on an 85D but I prefer to have more tire than not enough. It's probably the single most important aspect of an automobile and spending a little more here will go a long ways in terms of performance and safety.

While I haven't used them in the winter (yet) I do love them so far. The next several months will tell me if this is my new go-to tire moving forward.
Provided you have 19" rims those are the correct size :)

I am liking my MXM4's, but you can't go wrong with these Pirelli's. I might try these next time, maybe A/S 3+, maybe Michelin Premiers, who knows.

As they wear down of course they will be less capable in snow/slush, and they will always be worse than snow or all weather tires, but there are many experienced drivers on all seasons in climates such as yours who just go slow and they get around just fine. Due to its weight the Tesla ___D is a beast in the winter (with the exception of those guys with 285mm rear summer tires)
if you go to discount tire the price match so remember to search for deals online and if you find it cheaper they will match it. The nokian g4 was 238 a tire but we found them cheaper and they matched them(207 a tire). i used this link below-and their prices go up and down(slightly up now from when we used it to price match ) but the g4 is still cheaper then discount tire's price(have to add shipping and total it and divide by 4)

NOKIAN WR G4 : 245/45R19 102V XL

I think its within 30 days price matching??