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Best way to get all weather mats?

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I’d like to get all weather mats for the interior as well as for both trunks.

My goal is perfectly fitting mats but if they cost more than the OEM mats I’d rather just get the OEM ones.

So, before I drop $345 on the OEM ones just curious if anybody has found a better solution. Thanks!
OEM ones are made by weather tech. They fit perfectly

Cool, I figured they fit great. Just wanted to see if there were any alternatives since $345 seems like a lot for mats but I definitely prefer having the OEM ones if others are anywhere near the same price. I was debating even getting the frunk one but now that I see the car doesn't even come with a fabric one for the frunk I guess I'll go ahead and do the all weather one there too.
The MAXpider is good in front/rear and cargo liner. I also have the generic cheap eBay TPE liners for frunk and sub-trunk and they fit and work great as well.

I haven't seen the Tuxmats on a Model 3, but I liked the Chevy Bolt Tuxmats better than the MAXpider on the Model 3 based on the amount of coverage for wintertime slop.