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Better organization of For Sale Cars/Parts/WTB/etc

Been a TMC member for 3+ years and in general find this site and community very useful. However, one glaring area where the site organization hasn't kept up with the pace of Tesla is the classifieds area. The Teslas for Sale, and the Parts For Sale area were fine when it was just roadsters and bearable when it got to Model S/X (mainly because there were so few Roadsters, if nothing else). However, the community is bigger now and will be growing even larger, and there is divergence in the product lines. It would be great to segment each of these areas by "product families", ie OG Roadster, Model S/X, Model 3/Y, then CT, Semi, Roadster 202x etc when they come around. This will greatly benefit the organization of the site and folks can better target what they are looking for.

Let's make this happen and support the growing community we have now and will have in the future.