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Better Range

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I took my 70D in to get the LTE upgrade and I got the best range ever on my 90 mile return trip home.
I have 2,600 miles on the car and I've never come close to getting the range indicated on the speedometer.
For the trip home I got 260 Wh/mile when my norm is around 350 Wh/mile.
I started out with 209 miles range and after going 90 miles it showed 119 miles range.
Could they have found something wrong, fixed it and didn't let me know?
I don't think 2,600 miles is enough to give you a good sense of what "normal" is just yet. (I drive about that in a month). Even subtle things like temperature (HVAC use vs. windows opened) can affect range. Seasonal temperature swings, which may not be as big a deal in Texas as it is in Canada, can make a HUGE difference.
Maybe you did something slightly different to stay in torque sleep more. Did you happen to drive a little slower that day? Just a few MPH might have been enough.

Or, they are probably tweaking the torque sleep with different firmware releases -- did you happen to check which version you were on before and after the service? Maybe you got an upgrade that helped out.
Could they have found something wrong, fixed it and didn't let me know?

No, it is the LTE. It is known to reduce high frequency magnetic resonance losses between your AC motor and the induction coil. While the 3G has the opposite effect, LTE attenuates those out-of-phase harmonics.

You would have also noticed a much stronger regen.