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bicyclist + FSD -> trouble

Is it me or is it those Software engineers in California? We have a bike lane, the car even sees it and it notes the painted diamond and the bike symbol. Enter a bicyclist (which it sees) and the car then slows to post speed limit or lower and then a 50/50 chance it does a panic brake. Seriously? Human pattern is to ease over a meter or so if traffic permits and continue perhaps at a lower speeds. Solution disengage FSD when I see a bicyclist because the current FSD is hyper sensitive to bicyclist.
This is not nor do you have FSD (Full Self Driving). FSD is the (some what confusing) name of an options package that is evolving towards Full Self Driving. You are using AP (Autopilot) and it is technically not intended for city driving (even though it has Stop sign and Red Light). Tesla has a very select group testing what it is called FSD Beta (technically Autosteer on City Streets) now and it uses a completely different code stack and will replace AP at some point.