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Big Elephants that Want Tesla (and all EV's) To Fail

Those of us who use Autopilot every day know how the media has been inaccurately reporting on it, creating Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt among many potential Model S and X customers.

The record number of Model 3 reservations Tesla received this spring has awoken all of the elephants to the existential danger Tesla and its copycats will pose to their business interests.

One of the biggest elephants in the room is the $35.5 Billion USD that is spent annually on automotive advertising -- none of it by Tesla [1]. This ad spending is second only to general merchandise stores. More then half is now spent online. This biases the media against Tesla.

Another elephant is Big Oil, which wants Tesla (and all EV's) to fail for obvious reasons. Like the ICE makers (pun intended) and car dealers, they also have a huge lobby in DC. Big Oil's refineries produce gasoline, which contains benzene, a known carcinogen. They are becoming like the cigarette companies of the 2010's. They just want to profit by selling their product, the health of their customers and our environment be damned.

One major media mouthpiece that has a history of being biased against Tesla is The Wall Street Journal. It is owned by Rupert Murdoch's news empire, which of course includes Fox's News Channel. We all know how biased that is!! LOL

"Back in 2007, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera was among those who actively endorsed the [Fox] takeover, saying the media mogul's deep pockets would protect the paper.

But now [July, 2011], in light of the scandal, Nocera has written a mea culpa.

"The Journal was turned into a propaganda vehicle for its owner's conservative views. That's half the definition of Fox-ification," he wrote. "The other half is that Murdoch's media outlets must shill for his business interests. With the News of the World scandal, the Journal has now shown itself willing to do that, too."
" [2]

Numerous entrenched economic interests will be severely disrupted by the eventual perfection of fully autonomous driving. Anything that happens along this timeline to delay it's widespread adoption benefits them.

For example:
  1. Auto insurance industry. When vehicles don't have steering wheels anymore accidents will become product liability claims and auto insurance policies as we know them will cease to exist, along with their annoyingly incessant advertising.

  2. Level 4 fully-autonomous vehicles will save countless tens of thousands of lives and injuries every year. Of course, this will be an enormous benefit to society. However, it will disrupt many industries and professions that benefit financially from the untimely tragic deaths and injuries suffered on our roads every day, including:
    1. police officers
    2. EMT's and ambulance companies
    3. doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and hospitals
    4. Big Pharma
    5. accident attorneys
    6. funeral homes
    7. casket companies
    8. graveyards
    9. student driver training
    10. DMV driver licensing
  3. Level 4 fully-autonomous vehicles will eliminate most of the human "driver" jobs over time.
As Tesla owners fortunate to be at the vanguard of the green EV revolution with level 2 autonomous driving, which will lead to mass EV adoption with level 4, IMHO we should remain vigilant and protest any governmental attempts to regulate away our right to use Autopilot responsibly. As a group, we are better and safer highway drivers with Autopilot engaged at appropriate times then without it.

[1] See: Local Ad Spending Industry Papers : 2014 to 2015 Automotive Advertising Outlook: Digital Advertising Reaches a Tipping Point

[2] From: How Has 'Wall Street Journal' Fared Under Murdoch?:
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They can't stop it, even if they lobby to slow down progress or even get laws passed which favor the current industries the rest of the world will march ahead and the American consumer is not going to allow better / safer technology to be sold elsewhere and not at home. It's just a matter of time, China will probably end up leading the way because their form of government allows them to make decisions quickly, and they will want to be at the forefront of new technologies.