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Birds eye visualizations after latest update?

Interesting. I've had a couple rental cars with 360 cameras and I prefer the Tesla backup camera. The 360 camera is cool technology, but I didn't find it very useful for helping me drive.
The backup camera isn’t my issue. The issue is the front splitter when parking. I’ve already had a few close calls and that’s even being very careful.
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Mar 24, 2019
In California the drivers test does not even include parallel parking any longer. Just sign your name and send them $35 and they send you a license. This explains what we call freestyle driving!
There really needs to be a drivers test at least every decade and an annual written test, that can be done online. And the written can be as short as 10 important questions. All of them should be the same question....On the highway the left lane is for passing only? True or False. If anything this would remind people to get out of the freaking passing lane and stop flipping people off that flash them to move!
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The overhead view that shows your car against its surroundings as remapped from camera data is very useful but was patented by Nissan. My Infiniti had this - it was very useful for parking and it would be useful in a Tesla for avoiding curb rash. Nissan cars with this feature have downward facing cameras on the side mirrors, a front camera that is low and at the front of the car and a rear view camera that sees the ground fairly close in. This overhead view is a direct remapping of pixels - no interpretation or models generated.

Could Tesla do this? I think FSD has the ability to parallel park so it must create a model of this area to locate the curb - showing this would be helpful. I don’t know what Tesla shows during FSD parking. Tesla could paint this model with the data from the existing cameras - I’m not sure what the limitations of the Nissan patent are - when it expires or if Tesla could license.

I would like this to be available.
Enhanced autopilot will self-parallel-park. I just got my car and haven't used it yet except to see the procedure pop up on the screen when you slowly pull up to a car that has room to park behind it. Engage your turn signal and the screen outlines the spot in blue, you press the P that shows up, and then a Start button. The car takes over from there. I haven't heard of anyone having a curb rash problem from using it.
Actual question on a California drivers license test, if oncoming headlights are blinding you should you turn your bright lights on also, should you look to the right look away from the headlights or should you look down at the carpet?

i learned in europe and obviously the standard is much, much higher there. The most important thing is (imho) not the test and the lessons but the general attitude of the people driving. This usually gets shaped early when you sit as a child in the car with mum and dad. I.e. if you dad complains that people are blocking the overtaking lane, that the idiot in the front didnt give enough way to the cyclist, that someone was undertaking while exceeding the speed limit and that its dangerous as the other person may not anticipate someone coming from the wrong side at 160kmh, that your parents i.e. inspect the tires for wear regularly etc etc etc etc

That is also one reason why the UK is a very pleasant country to drive in, they tend to give more way to each other and make sure that if things go pearshaped that there is i.e. an escaperoute for the other driver by leaving more of a gap etc. I am fully convinced that that is the reason why they have such a low accident rate. Nothing to do with the low 110kmh speed limit on motorways (which everyone there exceeds anyway). Driving on UK motorways causes way less fatigue than i.e. france or germany too.
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