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Black screen on first day...

Morning guys, I've just picked up my black M3 SR+ yesterday and already fell in love with its driving dynamic. The delivery process was more or less smooth amid the COVID situation. However, after been driving it for a full day. The system became unresponsive and went into black screen when I tried to connect with Netflix and youtube while idle. I did the system reset but the problem came back once more before everything kind of went back to normal after another reset attempt. After doing some research on the forum I understand black screen is a pretty common thing for M3 but am wondering if anyone have experienced it in the first 24 hours in their vehicle? Should I be concern? Do I need to take it back for a checkout? Please do share your experience! Thank you in advance.
The time to be concerned is when this happens repeatedly over a rather short period of time. Let's say it happens more than once a day. That's when I would contact Tesla about it. I've owned my M3 LR since late September 2020 and it's only happened once. And then, a soft reboot took care of things.
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