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Blindspot Mirror

Does anyone have a favorite blindspot stick-on mirror for the sideview mirror? There are so many options on Amazon it's hard to chose one. I got an early wideview mirror from Hannshow, but the mirror is a few millimeters too big and I can't get it adjusted before it hits the stops. I've even tried clipping the Tesla stops to get more motion. The SUMA Performance mirrors are always showing out of stock so I'm reverting to the stick-on type.

So, anyone have any suggestions from Amazon?
Do you really need one? Does your mirror have the known problem (with not able to move wider)?
My mirrors were modified by a Tesla Tech so I can get as much motion out of them. I'm unhappy when the mirrors are adjusted to see cars in my blindspot and the view to the rear. I just played around with the Hansshow mirrors again and found the root of the problem with them. It's not that they are too big, but they placed the connector for the defroster in the wrong location causing the interference issues. Their Tech/Sales support has gone silent on me, so I'm not hopeful of a resolution there.

After looking up the difference of the Aspherical and Convex mirrors, I too say bring on the Aspherical mirrors.

Still looking.....
I've placed an order for a similar mirror from Amazon ('fan shaped"). Should come sometime this week. Hansshow is sending me a new mirror to try, I'm hoping they made some changes. If not, may try it without the defrost hooked up to see if I like it. Might be able to mod it to get the defrost working later. Highly unlikely I'll need that capability in the summer months.
Did you get the regular mirror or defroster or the one with the turn signals? I was looking into these but don’t know if the turn signal feature will work with the model y.
I got grey tint with defrost no turn signal and they are amazing. I can see blind spots and just around 20-30% more overall view. Love them!

I didn't like the turn signal so I didn't get that version.
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When I ordered the Hansshow version of the Wide Angle mirrors the SUMA mirrors were out of stock with no expected delivery date. I think the problem is that Hansshow based their mirror off the Model 3 and did not check the location of the defroster connectors on the Model Y. I'm hoping that Hansshow is sending me an updated version....we'll see. It just cleared Customs in China and should be here sometime this week.
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SUMA mirrors make a great improvement; if you have white interior and tinted windows, I recommend getting the non-blue mirrors to not have excess glare

Posted to Reddit a while ago Model Y mirror replacement
Agreed 100%. I had the SUMAs on my M3P and they were the first items I purchased even before placing my order for the MYP. The clear ones are the way to go vs blue.
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hi fellow Washingtonians ;) there’s a long video on SUMA’s website for the Model 3 mirror that has them performing the mirror swap.. it’s so brief you’ll miss it as you skim through the video which is 95% doing scarier things to wire the turn signal function.. it takes just a few minutes to pry away the glass mirror from the assembly using your bare hands on the corners, then unplug the 2 wires.. if a klepto can pull it off in seconds and not damage the rest of the mirror assembly, you’ll be fine
When the Y is sold in Europe, we should be able to get a driver side Ashperical Mirror directly from Tesla.
This is what I have on my 2 BMW, the area pass the dotted line is a wider angle.


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@BodegaBay or anyone who has the clear ones - does it bother you at all in anyways that they don’t have anti-glare/anti-dimming?
@wtchang515 I had the clear Suma mirrors on the Model 3 and now the Y. On the Model 3, the auto dimming feature made it too dark at night to see (especially with tint and I was only 70% VLT) at night. The auto dimming feature is kind of useless for my taste. The aspherical feature on the Suma greatly outweighs the missing auto dimming; I can quickly look to see any cars in my blind spots while quickly changing lanes. It was the best aftermarket upgrade I did on the 3 and an easy decision for the Y.
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Suma Performance clear mirrors arriving in a few days for 2021 MY. Any issues or pearls of wisdom for removing the stock mirrors and installing the Sumas? Getting the ones with the defrost only feature. Thanks!

I'm interested in this as well. I have a 2020 Y so I don't have the auto-dimming mirrors but I'd love to hear how the installation process goes.
@RickCRNA and @Ruffles access with your fingers (if you have small/med hands) or plastic pry bar from the upper right corner towards inwards and pull outwards. As a precaution, I mask blue painters tape over the mirror for ease of grip if you need and any pop out damage.

Same method as Model 3 at the 5:40 mark...

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