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Blinking Red LED on my wall connector

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Here's what it looks like:

Charging still works. The green lights move like they normally do but with the slow red LED blinking at the same time.

I checked the wall connector installation manual and the closest matching troubleshooting symptom is the one about overtemperature. That's not the problem (everything was cool).

I reset the wall connector and the red LED went away, but I know the way these things work. It'll come back again some day, only worse...

Any ideas??
I had a blinking red when first installed. The rotator switch inside was set to the wrong setting.

I think the Wall charger is very sensitive to having a good ground. Check to make sure the ground is well secured inside the wall unit. Also, many older houses have very poor grounding systems. Confirm that it is well connected (not loose) and the grounding rounds go deep in the earth, etc.
Mine did the same thing yesterday.

I can't remember if it was flashing read before I attempted to charge my Model 3 but I noticed it when it wouldn't charge. Powering off and on fixed it.

The wall charger was only installed on Thursday and it was only my second charging from it. I'lll have to see if it happens again.
Thanks for posting the video, as it let me see that mine was doing the exact same thing. I flipped the breakers off/on and that got rid of the red blinking. I've had the model 3 and wall charger since December, 2018, and this is the first time I've seen this.
One blink red is a ground fault.

If there is no water, it sounds like there could be a problem (defect) in the unit.


Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 8.29.20 PM.png
YEP, the Turn off the Circuit breaker then turn it back on, mine does that from time to time, so i just turn it off at the breaker (time to time read 4 times a year) seems the car and charger take a second to talk to each other and the charger freaks out.