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Bloomberg Review of Model S P90D: Almost Perfect

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They called it a 2016.. It's a 2015. Also said they preferred the config with 5 seats instead of 7 because it gives you the cargo room in the back. I don't think they realized the back row folds down and flat. And a range of 300 miles? Uh, no.
Based on the video it also appears that one of the unstated benefits of the P90D may be that women who drive them become super hot. Bonus!

That's also a feature of P85+. Or just a feature of my car. Or my wife. Can't tell for sure, but surely one of them.

In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure most of our cars came with this package included (can't say no extra cost, but included).
I'm questioning if they include it in non-AP cars.
At this point we only know for sure that it is used for Autopilot functions, but it could also be used for the automatic emergency braking and steering -- which is not yet fully implemented, I believe -- but is being required in the EU.