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blue masking tape... too much?

ok so I’m not seriously thinking of taking blue masking tape with me when I collect, hell I ain’t placed the order yet but I got thinking about and that with my OCD got me worryingly I’ll spend like 2 hours checking the over at which point Tesla will be like “get lost..”

Was just curious:

1. how much time do they allow for you to review the car before you take delivery?
2. Do you sign the paper work before you even see the car?
3. What happens if your so unhappy with it you refuse to accept it, I’m guessing wait another 4 months for another one?
4. How far do people really go when checking the car over?
5. Is Tesla in their right to essentially say “sorry but we’ll fix it later”

I get emotional and I know my excitement will get the best of me but I’m already preparing myself for some that that won’t happen for months so that I can take a fine tooth comb to the car.

P.s. is it too much to treat my MX like a episode of flipping Vegas and sticking blue take next to all defects.... PMA Stephen it will be perfect :)
1. March a year ago, I spent 1 hour and 20 going over my X -- I was the last delivery of the afternoon... so that may have helped. When I helped a referral deliver last November via the checklist, we were at an hour, easily.
2. I had both experiences. My delivery, we did the check and signing ... but left the due bill portion open for final signature. My referral in November didn't exchange the check until near the end... when he also had a chance to make adjustments to the due bill. Good experiences, from my point of view.
3. Didn't happen to me, but I would believe anyone who told me yes, wait N number of months. Demand is still high, and production is limited. I will say that quality has improved to such levels that I wouldn't expect a tragedy such as that.
4. In November, I watched a new S owner pick up and be out in 20 min. Can't say if he was a fool or just overly trusting... For me, I'm glad for me and my referral we walked through the checklist step by step. Worth the extra time.
5. I'll just add this ... its your $$$$ and if you feel like you don't want to hand over the check... then that is completely your call.

Never thought about it much but I did have blue tape with me... Do, however bring a high power LED light to look for any paint inconsistencies. If your X is like the last white delivery I helped with... it was near flawless. Even better than my X. And my X was quite good.

Hope this helps.
If you are a super picky person, and spend enough time with every possible defect, you will most likely find some.

These are production vehicles, made by a combination of men and machines. Not going to be perfect.

Problem is that some of the issues that you will find, will never be able to be corrected to the level of perfection demanded of a very picky person. What to do...what to do!

Go out to your current car, and give it the same inspection. Might be surprised.
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Alignment issues I’m no stranger too had them with previous cars from makers with much greater size and history than Tesla.

Yes I’m a picky car and yes I’ve rejected cars before so I don’t expect I’ll be any different just because it’s a Tesla but I honestly have a much higher experience ration of Tesla. Why I’m not sure but I do.