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Bluetooth and transition call

Currently having issues with my 2017 MS. When I’m on a call and get into the car (Bluetooth connects to it) the call transitions from my phone to the car yet I cannot hear the person on the other end of the call. Now if I already connected to the car and I make or receive a call it works flawless.

I called Tesla and they told me is a know issue and there is no ETA, any one else having the same issue?

I mentioned to Tesla that my 2017 MX does NOT have his issue, which they replied the modules are different...
I know that my car down not have an issue with it, as I recently used that device roaming when dropping off some goods and leaving car for a minute twice during a call.
It may also be related to the phone chipset / android version you are using. Mine is note8 but I bet I would have discovered it on my old note4 before if it was an issue.
My Model X has experienced the same issue for 2 years. It originally only seemed to happen when transitioning a call from my cellphone (not in/near the car) to where the car's Bluetooth took over, however now, calls generated from within the car and using Bluetooth also, right away or several minutes into existing calls, experience the same thing. The caller or person I called cannot hear me and, while driving, I must fumble with my phone to turn on its speakerphone in order to hear them. It's been to the shop at least twice regarding this issue and there's not been a fix. They (Tesla) has troubleshot the issue extensively, wiped and reloaded software into the car, etc. No sign of an issue in the logs, though it happens and I continue reporting instances to them to aid their research towards a fix. Very frustrating and rather risky to drivers of Tesla cars that have this issue.