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Bluetooth Audio Stuck on Loading

I'm having a strange Bluetooth issue in my new to me 2018 MS. I can pair my Pixel 3xl and the car, but no BT audio and I cannot make calls or receive texts. I rebooted the MCU the first time it happened, and everything came back fine, but now the BT audio screen is stuck on "Loading...". I have rebooted the MCU, deleted the phone from the car/car from the phone and re-paired, and used the power off button and let the car sit for 5 minutes. Any ideas? SW 2020.48.37.1. Even with the phone deleted, it's stuck on "Loading..."


I assume you have a bluetooth call connection when the bluetooth connects to the car. If not, not only delete the car bluetooth connection from the phone, but also the phone from the car bluetooth. Turn off bluetooth services on the car, and on your phone. Turn on bluetooth on your phone and then the car, and start to pair anew. Check in your phone bluetooth setting for the connection and make sure Audio, Contact Access, and Message Access enabled -- along with call access. You may need to provide a permission pin as these services connect and "pair". It looks like all the services did not configure, and bluetooth may be in a bad state, on either your phone or the car. Disabling and re-enabling bluetooth serevices globally on both the car and the phone after deleting the car from your phone and the phone from your car should allow everything a clean start.
I thought there was an option to disable bluetooth on the car, but there is not. So all you can do is unpair on the car and then search and readd the phone. Also. When you select phone for media playing on the car, make sure to go into settings on that window, Sources, and make sure phone is selected as a media source.
Got it. Also, the window where you select the phone as the media source is the window that's displaying the "Loading...".

So I don't know what I did, but I parked the car with it "Loading..." came back out 10 minutes later and the phone connected. However, when I played the source from the phone it showed playing, but no sound was coming from the car. Rebooted the MCU while the source was playing and everything is working again now. It's been "Loading..." for two days, so who knows?

I suspect I'll see this again, if I can figure out how to reliably fix the issue I will post back. Thank you.
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