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Bluetooth constantly disconnecting and reconnecting

Having the same/similar issue. Took delivery of my 2023 M3P in mid dec 2022. Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone 14 pro seemed to be working flawlessly for 3-4 weeks but now doesn't connect. seeing this on the bluetooth menu. . able to use my iPhone as my key but not listen to music/phone calls
and unable to disconnect my phone as the screen flashes too quickly as seen in the video
Tech support is analyzing log data from my car now. The one thing they asked me was 'precisely' when did this happen, to the minute if I could. Luckily I could because I sent them a message when it happened. They said they could go through the log data but "would take hours to go through 5 mins of log data".
Then they asked me for software update information on my phone which I sent over yesterday. I'm waiting to hear back.
I have a 2023 MYLR running software 2022.44.30. Just took delivery a few weeks ago (before the price cut ☹️). There are 2 iPhones paired to the car's Bluetooth: an XS and a 13, both running iOS 16.1.2 (me and my wife's phones). I've noticed that both phones are constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to Bluetooth every minute or so. Sometimes when this happens, the car's WiFi doesn't connect to my home network either and can't find any WiFi networks if I try to do a scan. Resetting the car's touchscreen by holding down both steering wheel buttons works to fix the issues for a few days, but then it starts happening again.

The Phone Key functionality is not impacted and always works reliably; only the connection for making Bluetooth phone calls and streaming audio is affected.

Has anyone encountered this?

My phone (iPhone 14 pro) works fine as both a control of the Console and as a phone/controller of entertainment. My husband, on the other hand, has an iPhone 13 and it doesn’t work. I sat in the car with his phone only and it wouldn’t start without the keycard. I’ve turned on and off Bluetooth on the phone and the console “key” code (ending in C) may or may not appear. The Tesla Y does not show up now under Bluetooth on his phone and just keeps says “connecting” on the screen of the car under Bluetooth. His phone does not connect for calls or entertainment.. I cannot disconnect his phone from the car to start over. Any suggestions?