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BMW Z22 -- the concept car we forgot, but Tesla apparently did not


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Jan 18, 2014
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I just stumbled across this article about the 1999 BMW Z22.
1999 BMW Z22: Concept We Forgot

To summarize, it has many many features Tesla has now implemented, that BMW incorporated into this concept car 22 years ago! (see the video below for details):

  • Main Center screen (no touchscreen though)
  • No instrument cluster
  • Yoke steering wheel
  • Main controls in steering wheel
  • Camera-based side and rear view mirrors
  • Minimal physical controls -- most functions controlled from the main screen
  • Minimalist dashboard

Just look at this interior compared to Model 3/Y!


Yoke wheel:

And some things Tesla has not done yet!
  • Heads-up display
  • Drive-by-wire (steering and braking)
  • Fingerprint scanner for entry and starting/driving (I'd sure like to see TouchId instead of PIN-to-drive)


And for more interesting reading, here a 6 other concept cars from BMW that time forgot, including two EVs!

These 7 BMW '90s concepts would have shaped segments anew | Hagerty Media
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