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Body Color Rocker Panels...or Not

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As most of you know, the flat black rocker panels have changed to the body color on the new Model S.

While this change is a matter of preference, the good news is that if you don't like the new look on your new Model S, a rattle can of flat back paint and some masking tape & newspaper can take care of it. (I'm only half joking. I actually did this to my brand new Fiat 124 Spider when I was in college...and that car cost me a lot higher percentage off my net worth than most Model S buyers).

On the other hand, changing the black rocker panel on a current Model S to the body color is not a typical DIY project. So, if you want the new look on your current S, you'll probably need to find a good paint shop.
I've always painted my rockers a dark color to make the car look slimmer. But flat is not a good idea, satin is better. Rustoleum has some great metallic dark colors.

I actually removed my rocker covers, car washed, and painted. Beats the plastic look.
Anyone have the paint code for the standard white color?
I believe it's PBCW, aka "Catalina White", from a couple of touch-up paint sites I just checked.

...but if you're trying to match your own MS paint, to be sure, look on the lower left corner of the manufacturer label on your driver's door. Just before the VIN on the bottom line, it says "PNT: xxxx" where the x's are your paint code.
and this too....