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Booster seat in the middle solutions? Experience? Model 3

Good morning everyone. Ever since getting our Tesla I’ve been looking for ways to save my car from destruction by my child. We currently have a Clek Fllo that fit perfectly in the middle seat of our Grand Jeep Cherokee. I mean it’s a narrow seat and it does fit the M3, but since the base of the seat is so high, it’s difficult for the 4yo to get in the seat without using the center console and the two front seats, as well as back seats as a booster to get in. I figure that a booster seat would at least help with this issue- the base is lower so hopefully it would be easier to get in the seat. Also, if she sat a bit lower she wouldn’t be getting everything covered in footprints. Hopefully.
We have tried the mifold belt positioning seat, but she didn’t like it and it didn’t look comfortable at all(or safe).
I would prefer for the booster seat to stay in the middle as it is the safest spot for her to be, but of course there’s no latch connectors in the middle.
On to the question: is anyone using a booster seat in the middle? What is your solution to keeping it put? Do you just buckle it every time? Does the seat wobble because of the middle seat being narrower? Which booster seat do you use? I wish Tesla would start making little perfect booster seats for their cars! I would definitely buy one!
Thanks for anyone who can shed some light on this or any other ideas or thoughts you may have.
I was going to say the Mifold, but if you have already tried it and don't like it, I guess that's out. Works great for my 5 year old and I keep it in the frunk when not in use with my charger and tire repair kit.
Thank you for replying. I was also hoping we would love the mifold but it’s a nope from my kid. Maybe once she grows a bit it will be more comfy for her. It’s so small and nice and doesn’t block the view.
At 4 y/o I would think you would want to keep her in a 5 point hardness. A lower narrow 5 point seats are Diono. WayB is another one but they are a bit pricey.
Thanks for the input. I’ll take another look at Diono 5 point harness boosters. It would be so nice to have her buckle herself. The WayB sure looks interesting, I’ll have to see any stores have them out to take a closer look.
Well, approaching this from another angle. We have a 4 year old, who just destroyed the center console of our model 3 (as a 3 year old last season) by kicking all over the back with his muddy boots. Regardless of the seat, what do people do to protect the center console? We have dirt in the USB ports and vent. And yet our son refuses to sit on one of the side seats. Is there anything we can buy to protect the center console?
We have used a BubbleBum (a blow up booster seat and it was okay). If your kid Is squirmy then the lack of side “bolsters” with those means they can wiggle out of it.

As for the kids damaging the USB ports I wonder if there are port plugs one could use to avoid debris getting inside. Actually just did a search and it looks like dust covers/protectors might work!

For general center console protection a cheap towel might be the ticket for me for times when we the boys and I are out fishing, hiking, mountain biking or anything that would lead to muddy and dirty kids.