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Booster Seats -- Recommendations?

There have been various threads about this, but many are several years old. I'd love to get the latest feedback.

We have a 2020 Model S, and I'm looking for an appropriate booster seat with a back that will:
1) Not cover the seat belt latch
2) Rest flush against the seat back (note that this is nearly impossible because the head rests come so far forward that the interfere with getting good contact between the booster and seat back)

For all the kids that Elon has, the MS really sucks for anyone trying to get a well-fitted booster in there. Love the car otherwise, but this is a headache.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
Whoa, that Hi Fold seat is awesome and reasonably priced. I was never able to get the back of my high back booster flush with the seat due to the headrest. Luckily, I’m out of the harness booster phase now and the $15 cosco rise booster works great.

is there some reason you need it to clear the seat belt latch? Most high back boosters utilize the LATCH system.
clek olli fits perfect in my model 3. My son can buckle himself. (He’s 7)
We ended up getting this one since we were specifically looking for a high back booster with the side head protection. FYI, I have a 2020 Model S

Diono Everett NXT Rigid Latch, Belt Positioning Booster Seat, High Back Booster, Lightweight Slim Fit Design, 8 Years 1 Booster Seat, Red​

Pros: It's narrow enough that my son (8yo) can buckle himself in easily. Also, the latch system works well to hold the seat in place. Lastly, the red color is beautiful

Cons: It's relatively stiff and not as comfortable as the plush Britax car seat that we used to have. The seat back still doesn't sit exactly flush with the Tesla--stupid non-removable/non-adjustable headrests in the back seat prevent any high back booster from being flush with the back seat.

We've done a number of multi-hour road trips--max about 5 hours--and this seat has worked pretty well.