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Borge Warner EgearDrive Fluid Change - Intervals, Oil type, Capacity

I'm at 52k now and feel its time to do a fluid change on my gearbox. One thing, its good to identify by the fluid color/smell how things are going, but also I don't want to pass up the recommended interval that's recommended for the change-up.

I found the capacity which I'll post later, can't find it at the moment. But what would be nice for us to know will be:

1) Fluid Type / Weight (and its synthetic equivalent if not already used)
2) Recommended interval change

Looked all over the web and couldn't find any data on the above for any EgearDrive system for any EV.

Update - Found most of it, but we still need the recommended change interval period

Found in the 1.5 Owners Manual on page 11-4:

Transmission fluid: Dexron VI ATF
Capacity: 1.4 US quarts

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.25.12 PM.png
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I inquired with a competent service manager I have a great relationship with and confirmed that the gearbox oil used by Tesla for all Roadsters and the Model-S's is a *FULLY* synthetic Dexron VI qualified fluid. The confirmed oil change interval is 5 years or 60k miles.

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So I'm close to the 60k mark. I'm going to pick up the above fluid and do a full gearbox oil refresh soon. Since its fully synthetic I'm sure its just fine pushing this interval out. The 5 years is most likely covers moisture build-up due which over time can adversely affect the gearbox bearings.
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