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Bought Inventory Model X, delivery is taking longer than est. 14 days.

I know I am being a bit impatient, but I am traveling outside of US next week for a month. I bought an inventory model in VA and am having it delivered to GA. The Sales and Delivery Advisors both said I should get it around 10 days from the purchase date (April 19th). I already traded in my car early, and my delivery advisor just emailed me today saying it's still in VA waiting for transportation. The delivery advisor said he would try to expedite the process after hearing my travel plans, so there's that.

Is this normal? Does inventory model usually take more than the estimated 14 days to deliver?

As many of you were when you first ordered, I'm really excited and cannot wait to start driving.
I bought a Model S, showroom car, took 12 days to ship from Nashville, Tenn. To Kansas City, Mo. then 2 days at the SC, like you the wait was killing me, but so much worth the wait. I guess Tesla just doesn't let anyone ship there cars, congrats!! have fun, your going to love it.
Our first Tesla, a Model S, was purchased via Tesla store in MA. We took a flight to West Palm Beach (from Manchester,NH) and had a wonderful drive home.

Model X (inventory - showroom) eight months later was on the floor in MA. Delivered to our NH home (avoiding MA sales tax).

If your schedule allows time, explore tax consequences. You may find it quicker (and a lot more fun) to go get your X.
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Ours was mysteriously "awaiting transport scheduling" for over a week extra until I said "Transports are easy to schedule, if you cannot do it, allow me to schedule it, or give me my money back" ... then they finally admitted that the car had some damage and they were trying to get it fixed before sending the car over.

I ended up asking for photos of the damage, declaring it "can be fixed later" and then they shipped the car VERY QUICKLY to us. We took it back in a month later once parts arrived and then the repairs were done in about six weeks. They gave us a loaner X in the meantime, which was just OK (no app access, top speed of 85mph on our roads with 80mph limits - not great) but much appreciated. We were really happy to finally get our car back and pristine.

We were coming out of another lease so having their 14 days suddenly become 30-45-60 days wasn't going to work for us...