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BP Pulse account administration?


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Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
Has anyone tried to change their email address on their BP Pulse account? If so, how? I've got a support request with, erm BP I think (see below), but it looks like I'm not going to get a response by the time I probably need to use the account.

I was never sure if I ever signed up for Polar Instant a couple of years back even though I downloaded the app. I have however received an email in the past from BP Chargemaster about a possible data breach so assumed that I had. As Polar seems to have been sucked into BP and its now BP Pulse (amongst other brands), I signed up to the BP Pulse app using my old (about to be defunct) email address as they promised to migrate any old account details over. None were transferred across that I can see so I assume that I didn't have a BP Pulse email/Polar Instant account of that email address.

However, I have now got a BP Pulse account with a soon to be defunct email address that I may want to use in a few days but there seems to be no way of changing my email address. Now I could just sign up for a new account with different email address, but in light of their previous data security record I would rather have the one account, one email address to keep my eyes on. Similarly, no obvious way of deleting the account.

To make matters worse there seems to be no consistency over whom I am dealing with. There seems to be a mix of brands they are involved with and sending me emails from, or directing me to. I pretty much exhausted any chance of recovering any Polar Instant account if I indeed had one (the half working old Polar Instant app doesn't recognise me but is adamant that it sent me a password reset link) so I am comfortable with severing all ties with Polar Instant and its half-app. But along with BP Pulse, I have also received emails/had references to links from BP Chargemaster, BPpulse.co.uk, [email protected] (which wouldn't be so bad if the links in their email actually worked), [email protected] and of course, chargeyourcar who seem to administer the scheme on behalf of BP. As well as the links on bpmeuk email not working, trying to log into bppulse.co.uk using my recently setup login details return incorrect login details, so its not clear which part of BP my new account was registered.

So now, I'm just waiting for a 4 day response to email I sent asking how to change email address.

Am I the only one that is finding it difficult to do something as simple as changing an email address online? A couple of companies even after contacting customer service said it was impossible and I had to create a new account! So I am reluctant to top up my new BP Pulse account needed to charge if I'm going to have to delete it and start over.



Nov 18, 2020
West Midlands, UK
I had trouble contacting them via email and phone previously. They did repond quickly to a DM on Twitter and sorted the issues.
Their overall customer service is rubbish, I had to wait over 30 minutes when a charge cable would not disconnect!


Feb 12, 2020
No comfort I know, but bp.com isn't the only website that doesn't allow you to change the email address associated with an account online. Halfords is another example. It is completely bonkers.

BP's rebranding of Polar and Chargemaster seems to be a bit of a clusterfuck. The apps and websites were never good, but they have made them worse with all this.


Deep Blue Model 3 LR (2021 MIC)
Mar 15, 2020
They're a horrific company for customer service. When I signed up my account was pending for ages. It took weeks and weeks of emails, calls and twitter DMs until I finally got a decent member of staff who sorted it out for me.

I used up my credit and will never use them again other than emergencies.


Jul 8, 2020
Yes, they need to do something about their customer service... On 8th of July, I was asking about my prepaid balance that didn't show up after ending my monthly subscription. Today, on October 7 (3 months later), they replied and have restated my balance onto the account.

3 months to resolve the issue is pretty poor.

It shows that the big oil companies are not going to be the winners at the end...


Well-Known Member
Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK

This says it all really...​

The page above is network.bppulse.co.uk but its still linking to a polar-network.com page. Its half a rebrand.
Unfortunately not the only occurrence, many of the links being received in various emails are behaving similarly, although they are pointing to bp.com addresses. Putting it more politely, its a total shambles.



Well-Known Member
Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
Well my love affair (not) with BP Pulse continues. Having spent best part of 30 minutes and 3 sockets on 2 charge points (Goodwood 14953 and 14264) trying unsuccessfully to get a charge to start, made worse by crass app comments about 'assembling electrons' and 'preparing for lift off', I have come to the conclusion that as a public charge operator they have a lot to learn.

Why BP need to make things so difficult when later in the day I achieved the same thing on PodPoint in under 30 seconds.

Its a shame as at the BP site I could have just left the car at the site I was helping at, but with PodPoint I had to leave the car and go back to fetch a couple of hours and the purchase of a pint of milk later. I would have been happy to pay BP for the convenience (on paper charge cost was reasonable), but all dealings that I have had with BP Pulse and its charge network have been the opposite.

At least BP didn't have the audacity to deduct the minimum charge amount from my balance credit. Although I wouldn't put it mast them to catch up with that another time.

Not sure if the app reporting the charge points at the location as being unavailable (presumably because of an on site event or maybe it’s just always unavailable?) may have made a difference? Not that they were truly unavailable - whilst 2/3 cars at the site had failed to complete a charge, one was successfully charging. And if they were truly unavailable, why let the app go through all the crass comments, start the charge then abort 20 seconds into the charge?
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