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Brake caliper powder coat vs paint

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Hello group

I spoke to two shops today and one said they can powder coat the caliper and the other said they only paint it.
I have not done this before so I do not know the pros and cons. I am leaning towards painting as they dont have take the caliper apart. What do you think.

Painting you don't have to disassemble the caliper, but probably won't be as robust a solution as powder coating. Powder coating should be much more durable if done right, probably be more expensive, but as you mention you have to tear them all the way down and then rebuild afterward so more time and money involved with that process too (doesn't appear to be difficult to rebuild). Powder coating will probably be more expensive, but not substantially. I just got a set powder coated for mine for $300, hoping to have them in the next week.
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These are painted: reasonably quick and easy. Comes with a 5 yr warranty, so the vendor is standing behind his work. The 2nd picture is after two months (and without a wash). Powder coat was going to be four time more just for the callipers, plus buying new seals and the labour to remove and install. It will likely be more durable but I figure after 5 yrs I could pay for a completely new paint job and still be much further ahead on costs.


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