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Brake Pads

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Hi folks!

I have a '17 plate 75D and the brake pads need replacing. The problem is, I have attempted ordering a couple of sets and neither fit!

I'm wondering if anyone has a trusted supplier they used, and part number? I have phoned Tesla and they inform me they are made in the Netherlands, are on back on order, with no estimated time - not great when the car has been immobile for weeks now.

Alternatively, is there a upgrade 'performance' pad that won't compromise road performance too much?

I kind of assumed it would be a common part with another make/model of car. Surely the pads aren't unique?

Any help greatly appreciated!
Here is a webpage where you can at least find other options, including brake pads:
But as I just overhauled my car brakes and mine is from 2016 and the pads/rotors where only slightly worn, how come yours are in need to change?
I used Bosch BC1474 pads and coated PowerStop rotors (AR84000EVC) on my car last March. My factory rotors were warped and braking performance sucked as the pads were partially seized in the brackets. They're doing great. They are silent, have good bite, and seem to dust less than the factory pads. I bought them both from RockAuto. Technically the BC1474 pads aren't made for the S, but they fit anyway.

What pads did you buy that don't fit?