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Brand new Model X Wheels and tyres

Really don't know to tell you the truth, we got the 22" wheels/tyres by Tesla as a freebie (award on referrals) when we first got the X so the 20" wheels it came with essentually got swapped out with vritually no km's on them....wife wants them out of the shed....
Well, the tyres are $362 each (not fitted) at TyreSale's, the wheels also come with the Tesla Tyre preasure sensors ($270 each)....just looked up at the Tesla USA website (for some reason Tesla's doesn't have any wheels/tyre packages listed any more on the Australian website) and with currancy conversation they're selling the same wheels, tyres with tyre preasure sensors for about AUD$3,950 (used XE for the conversion).

The offer isn't rude, all good...but maybe a tad under what I think they're worth....let me know your thoughts...
I think your price estimation is fair and I totally agree with the value of the set!
And if I didn't have wheels - this price would be perfect for me :)
however, for me personally it's not interesting simply because I've already have wheels in normal conditions (with few marks) and with working pressure sensors. I was just thinking if you're just getting rid of the wheels and it would not be more expensive for me than replace all tyres and do the rim repair - I'd go for that.
I appreciate your time but I think I'll skip this just because it's out of my personal budget for the wheels update.
Wish you all the best with selling it.
I might recommend you to post it on Facebook Groups
I may be interested in the Wheels. Can you advise what Rubber you have fitted and the Size?

Sure....they're Michelin’s in T0 spec with the following:

Front : 255/45/R20
Rear : 275/45/R20

Rubber near new, like 1,000 on them....and the wheels are new with no scrapes etc.

See spec and price to buy new on the attached image from JAX Tyres.


Actually, could be Michelin's Latitude Sport 3 (T0)..slightly more expensive tyre as it happens....I'll go check in the shed if you're interested.

Couldn't help myself just checked, they're Michelin Latitude Sport 3 (TO) which is a slightly more expensive tyre

You're in Melbourne right? You're welcome to swing past and check them out.
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