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Brand new Model Y Perf. Continuously "wakes up".

Hi all, looking for some help/ideas with the odd behavior of our new Model Y Performance (MYP).
We've had a Model 3 (M3) prior to the MYP for 4 years and never had this issue.

Here is a rundown:
  • Picked up brand new MYP on a Wednesday
  • Sat in driveway for 2 days and we started noticing that it's making the "wake-up noise" usually only found when approaching car and getting ready to drive away
  • Timed the noises to around 1min 54sec apart (roughly every 2 mins)
  • Recorded a video of the noises for better troubleshooting (unlisted YouTube video:
  • Contacted Tesla service via app 2 days after picking up car
  • Heard back from technician very quickly and they remotely looked at the logs of the car
  • Tesla service technicians confirmed that car wakes up frequently
  • Concerned technician actually calls me and makes me a Sat morning appt at nearby Tesla center
  • Car is dropped off and loaner provided
  • Car spends next 7 days at Tesla center for diagnosis
  • Receive pickup notice with following explainer of what happened: "Technician diagnosed and upon inspection found faults for CAN BUS open. Inspected VC Left, found connector pins not secured. Re-pinned VC left. Tested and verified proper operation."
  • We pick up the car and have a weekend trip planned
  • After returning home and car sitting in driveway again, car exhibits exact same issues
  • New Tesla appointment is made... still waiting to hear back

Just a quick note. We have never used any third party apps/software or any modifications on our prior M3 or the new MYP. The car is completely stock. There should not be a constant wake up event happening. Is that assumption correct? Or is this standard now with the newer cars?

The car otherwise is perfect. We love it. The roadtrip we just did was a blast. However, the car is performing a procedure usually reserved for the few times a day you walk up to the car and drive away. Yet it is doing it about every ~2 mins. My worry is that the parts involved in this process aren't necessarily designed for this frequency. Is that a valid concern?

Thanks for any advice or help you can provide.
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2021 MYLR 19"
Sep 25, 2021
Denver, CO
Does seem weird. You say it usually only makes the sound when you approach it. Do you know that it's not making the sound when you're not approaching it? My car will occasionally wake up (make that contactor noise) when I am close to it with my phone for a short bit. Have you tried going near it without your phone and see if it still does it? Perhaps it's some weird reaction to phone/bluetooth connecting. You could at least rule it out if it still does it. Unless Sentry mode is on, that's probably the only way the car would know you're approaching it. Although it would never go to sleep with Sentry on.
Sorry maybe I was a bit confusing. What I was saying it that the wake up clicking noise (main battery being connected) usually happens when you approach the car and unlock it. This is the behavior we observed over the course of 4 years with out prior Model 3.

Our Model Y now makes that noise regardless of being near or not. It makes the noise almost constantly. The reason I know is because I work from home and am within earshot of the car - maybe about 20ft away?
The car shouldn't even "know" you're approaching it. Approaching does not wake the car up. Sentry keeps it awake so it doesn't need to wake up at all.
Things that "automatically" wake the car up when it's sleeping include cabin overheat protection, the need to charge the 12V battery, that sort of thing. Things that manually wake the car up include trying to open a car door/trunk and launching the mobile app.
Once the car is awake, it might take a while before it falls back to sleep. IF you are hearing the high voltage contactors open and close every 2 minutes, something is wrong IMO.
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I think the car is sensitive to messages on the CAN bus, for things like sleeping. If a connector is not seated properly, it could disrupt the CAN bus messaging and prevent the sleep condition. Seems like a plausible explanation to me. You might have another bad connector or a bad module but only the Tesla tech can tell I think.
I see the same thing happening randomly over the last two years. Seems to wake up if you get really close to one of the parking sensors. Happens pretty regularly when the dog grazes up against the car. Sentry is off for Home and still does it. The infotainment screen never comes up but the clicking happens and the light on the charge port turns on.

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