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Bug Report doesn't work :(

Besides the fact that one never knows if it actually goes anywhere - the speech recognition is so bad I can't actually report anything. Note - I don't have an accent, native english speaker and no other sr programs seem to have trouble understanding me:

1) Try to report bug in usb software such that it shows usb recording as fine then at random times it becomes unuseable (eg ! showing too slow speed, etc.) - this has happened to many others, is infuriating and no matter how I phrase it I cannot see a message that anyone would understand plus there seems to be a character (or short time limit)

2) Navigation shows my location correctly but the directions say to go left when it should say to go right. I first noticed this when my Tesla was delivered to my home and thought agent was just confused, but no it is an actual error in the nav system. I can make it say the correct thing by changing my address to a different one but this means anyone using tesla nav to get to me will inevitably go the wrong way at the last choice point. Not a super huge deal but when I try to report it including my address it cannot recognize 3 numbers in a row, nor the street name - so there is no way anyone can find what the actual problem involves.

So is bug report only good for saying "navigation error" or some such useless info rather than saying what the error is? Same for usb problem. If so why do they even bother to have such a useless feature????
I believe @verygreen discovered that using the bug report feature in the car just saves the current data logs as well as a screenshot to the local storage in the car but nothing is automatically transmitted to Tesla. Their support staff can remotely connect to your vehicle to review any recorded bug reports. The best way to report a bug is to email them at
[email protected]. You could also do the bug report in your car and reference that in your email so they can potentially remote into your car to get any additional info they may need.
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No local storage in this case would be inside one of the cars computers.

First I have heard about it not uploaded anything to Tesla, can't say I'm really surprised at that though. I can't image trying to sort through 400k people reporting bugs through a speech recognition system that does not allow user corrections. I've seen some of the messed up voice to text reports I've tried to submit.
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No screenshot stored on the usb (is that what you meant by local storage?)
If this is true why does bug report open a speech window and says thank you for reporting after I state (or attempt to state) the problem?

As @kaffine mentions, local storage in this case is the cars own internal storage, not any USB add-on storage an owner may have added themselves.
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