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Bumper dent repaired... now no ultrasonic (proximity) sensors :(

I got a dent on my front bumper which I got repaired.

When I got the car, I noticed the AC was blowing on my feet instead on me and that my external temperature was not working. Figured it had something to do with the Tesla being a Tesla and that it'd fix itself. It did not. Not even after soft/hard reboot.

I also then noticed my front and rear proximity sensors did not work and auto lane change did not work either with an alert appearing indicating "ultrasonic sensors not communicating" - uh oh.

Took the frunk cover off but could not find anything disconnected. Poked under the bumper but you can't see crap there.

I guess I will be calling the shop on Monday and perhaps Tesla service too. I heard that a single disconnected/faulty sensor could cause that but - I did not observe anything disconnected.

Any ideas of what else it could be?

So interesting development - without me doing anything, overnight half the sensor started working. Looks like the rear and front driver sides are online but passenger and center may are not working still. Also no proximity chimes.

Temp sensor still offline; remote AC worked ones and so did the "leave AC running after parking" feature - but only once; now it is back to being grayed out.

I will remove the frunk in a bit and see check things out! If I can't figure it out - then yeah, going to the shop tomorrow.