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Bumper Sticker/Magnet "I'm probably not driving"

For a while, I thought it'd be good to indicate that I'm on Autopilot. A blue light, maybe? "You're arguing with a computer"...

After lots of thought, I ended up settling on this. It matches the same font and style as the notifications in the car, because why not? Also, one in white as it looks nice on a white car.

New sticker now available, too: CAUTION: STUDENT ROBOTAXI Bumper Magnet for Model 3/Y | Tesla Motors Club

Find them on eBay under which kind you want with the links below.

$8.99 for stickers, $9.99 for magnets; 20% off orders of multiple.
Domestic shipping (within the US): Free!
International shipping:
eBay International Delivery - not sure how they pull it off, but though it's slow-boat, it gets there at a more reasonable price. Some day, I hope I can get a tracked parcel outside the country without selling the farm to get there, but meanwhile... it's probably best to order multiple at once!

BETA: Try the new combined listing first: Tesla Autopilot Car "I'm probably not driving" bumper sticker/decal | eBay

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I wonder if other driver when looking at this sign would in fact try to challenge you and try to get in an accident.

I remember about someone who put a 'AAA' badge to show that the car had a good insurrance,
and to have someone who had a car with some body damage, trying to to get it fixed by getting in an accident.
Hahaha, kinda funny but I'm afraid it would be advertising/asking for trouble with the "haters" on the road. But you know what, pretty cool you made it so I'll get one (or 2) for fun. I doubt my wife will let me keep it on her car for long lol
Just ordered one.
You know, you know it’s been a while when you sign onto TMC and you see “227“ messages waiting.

Quick update:
137K +37K = 174K Tesla miles of the past eight years, six months and four days.
But this will be the 1st mile with a “I’m probably not driving“ bumper sticker.