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burbank service center, post of appreciation.

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by jerjozwik, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. jerjozwik

    jerjozwik Member

    May 12, 2014
    san gabriel valley
    so here i am, sitting on a traffic controlled on-ramp, about to do my normal pop up to speed that p90d owners are accustom to. only today will be different, mere seconds after i activated the accelerator i received the achievement; "drive unit needs service, avoid hard acceleration." i think... "GOD FU#$ DAMNIT!"

    some of you may recognize my username for submitting the battery needs service post around march of this year. as soon as i saw the message i called up the burbank service center. sadly, my call went unanswered :(....
    i was hoping to speak to a tesla rep because tomorrow i will be going on a 300mile trip up the california coast, not the best situation to be driving around with a drive unit ticking time bomb. i continue on my route to work, which just so happens to send me past the burbank service center.

    at 9:30am i walk in without an appointment and alex [worked with him maaaaaaaaaaany times] says, 'hey jeremy! whats up?"

    i reply, "this fu#^ing car man.... " i go on to tell him about the warning message, we start the paper work. i mention how this is pretty much a worst case to have my car out of commission as i am 20 hours away from a large road trip. he tells me that they dont have any tesla loaners available but he could hook me up with a ICE loaner. i decline and ask him if it is at all possible to do the swap in a day. he was reluctant and says he will try to do the best he can but gives the warning it may be a day or two. i leave for work via a tesla provided uber, telling him i will think about this and get back to him.

    come noon time i get a notice saying a software update has been completed on my car, i think... hmmmm i guess they found a drive unit then.

    1pm i message alex asking how is the repair? ive been getting notifications that make me think its almost done.

    about 2 he says that he has 2 techs working on my car and last he saw they were bolting things up.

    4pm my car is done.

    damn, seriously damn. i am very impressed at the speed they were able to complete the repair and made every attempt to help me out so i could have my car ready by end of day. this experience was a complete 180* from my battery replacement and i just wanted to make a public post saying thanks to the great team at the burbank service center.

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