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Buy advise: used lr or new sr+ 2021

Go for

  • sr+ 2021

    Votes: 19 63.3%
  • Lr 2019

    Votes: 11 36.7%

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Hi everyone,

hope you can help me, i’m in the market for a model 3 but can’t decide what to go for, already read some topics but still can’t make up my mind. Maybe if i tell you my situation i can pull the trigger.

I currently drive a 2018 Nissan Leaf Tekna 40 kWh. Range is descent (exept winters) audio is great with Bose installation with subwoofer. I drive not much +/- 5000 km a year.

I already placed an order recently for a 2021 sr+. (But thinking about cancelling) Range would be enough, audio seems like a downgrade. The car i would buy i plan to drive for 8 or maybe even 10 years since i don’t drive much.

but now i came acros a used 2019 long range with fsd included. It has run 56000km. Price is exactly the same as the new sr+

advantages i think:

2021 sr+
+ new car
+ more efficient
+ bit cheaper with insurance
+/- lfp battery: degradation should be less from what i’ve read. Charging speed is slower, however i only plan to supercharge once a year to take a trip from the netherlands to italy.
- audio
- no fsd, worse resale value?

Used 2019 long range
+ more range ( even perhaps i don’t need it)
+ premium audio
+ fsd
+ higher charging speed

- used, what about build quality.
- less efficient

Looking forward to read the reply’s, thnx
Depending on where you buy the LR, you might or might not get FSD (if you buy at Tesla you probably need to pay extra for it).

You shoud decide what is more important to you, audio, charging speed, range (efficiency + battery size) or price. Maybe the build quality and range/efficiency won't matter if you drive very little. Though keep in mind, when you have a Tesla, you will probably enjoy and end up driving more.
I would go for LR. Longer range. Premium sound (it’s incredible). It’s also faster.

I took delivery of my M3P a week ago and out of EPA rated 315 miles, I get about 280. But then again, I’m in the honeymoon stage with the car and drive pretty fast lol
SR+ is a no brainer, given that its new (15km on the ODO >>>>> 56,000km) and that your use will be fairly limited.

Despite what you say, the EV market will only get better in the coming years and you'll be tempted to trade in your SR+ for something better in 3-4 years. Having a newer car helps in that regard.

FSD can always be bought. It absolutely does not reduce the value of the car simply because you can add it via subscription at any time.
Sorry for the late reply. I went for a new sr+.

Audio is great, range is no problem. However i was hoping with the refresh to have a better build quality. Here you can see some pictures how they deliverd my car:

They tried do some repairs but could not solve all issues, in the end i accepted another car, can live with that one however that one also has a big panel gap on the driver door (not fixed after repair) and a steering wheel that was not alligned right. (That they fixed after 2 times). So i just learned to live with the panel gap. Overall happy with the car now but at that time felt bad buying the car.