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Buy or wait | contemplation hardware 4 vs hardware 4.5

After ordering a Model X in January 2021, I finally got the message that my new Model X (LongRange | 6 seats) was ready for pickup. Because we currently own two other Model X cars (2018 75D 5-seat FSD Free Supercharging + 2017 90D 6-seat EAP) I ask if Tesla could e-mail all car specifications. Even though we got a VIN, we got conflicting messages from Tesla Sales & Delivery.

The new X has hardware 4 and the upgraded higher resolution and frame rate cameras but no Radar HD and front-bumper camera. We tested with the latest VISION software on a new Model Y Performance, but there are blind spots when a child or animal moves in front of the car when the car is in P, and you leave after a while. This scenario is often the case because we rent out our all-white Model X with a friendly driver for weddings.

Got a few questions for the expert here. Appreciate any input I can get.

Am I right in understanding that a new configuration (hardware 4.5) has Radar HD and an extra bumper camera for VISION?

Is it true that there won't be a retrofit from hardware 4 to 4.5 even if you have purchased FSD?

Has anyone seen a hardware 4.5 Tesla in the wild with the Radar HD and extra bumper camera?

I'm glad that I didn't pick up the new Model X as I also understand that there is a new Ownership Loyalty Benefit where you are allowed to trade in your Free Supercharging benefit onto a newly purchased Model S or X. Hence, you get 6 years of Free Supercharging on the new X. Kind of like that idea which means I'd have to take delivery of a new Model X before June 30th, 2023. But this might mean I will miss out on the Radar HD and extra bumper camera and if no retrofit will be available that doesn't sound to good to me.

Penny for your thoughts. Thanks, much appreciated, and kind regards from the Netherlands.


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Why buy a car without the features you require? Either wait for those features to be installed or buy something else. If you can wait, wait. I’m giving Tesla until end of October to install front bumper cam and rear cross traffic. Otherwise I’m buying a BMW X7 m60i. Tesla is under pressure and they must add better safety features. I know I’m not the only one who cancelled the MX order based on crappy vision and doors not properly sensing surroundings. Also; the lack of Matrix lights on its top tier model is ridiculous, while the MYLR gets them. How does this make sense?