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Buyer Beware - Tires - Tesla does not process tire warranties

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I bought my 2022 Tesla M3LR new on March 30, 2022. In August last year (2023) I had 37,747 miles on my original tires. I researched several local tire stores and decided to go to Tesla even though it was about $700 more to go there. After tires, alignment, disposal and tax I paid $2,0072.42 for four new tires. Since having them installed I've driven 18,684 miles and my back tires need to be replaced. I reached out to Tesla because the tires have a manufacturers warranty of 30,000 miles. Tesla said they don't deal with tire companies. I'd have to reach out to the manufacturer or find an authorized retailer who can process the claim.Of course I followed that up by asking if the Tesla dealership that I had them replaced in August 2023 was an authorized dealer. They said yes and no. Yes to install and no for warranty. Are you kidding me? So, I learned a lesson. Paying $700 more to get new tires at my dealership was stupid for multiple reasons. I should've went to Tire Discounters who includes alignment in the price of the tires. Lesson learned. Just though I'd pass along that little nugget of wisdom to everyone else who hasn't tried it yet. Tesla will not honor manufacturers warranty even if you buy the tires from them.
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